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A specialist in the manipulation of intangible powers of evil against people. Witches were commonly held to have existed in the ancient Near East and were doubtless known to the ancient Israelites. Although the terms are not precise, witches may be included among those listed in certain OT passages indicating offenses (Deut 18:10-11; 2Kgs 21:6; 2Chr 33:6; Jer 27:9; Lev 19:26; Isa 47:9; Isa 47:12; Mic 5:11). A woman who practices one of these activities and who may be a witch is proscribed in (Exod 22:18, and Nah 3:4) designates Nineveh as such a woman. The so-called witch of Endor (1Sam 28) is a necromancer or medium.