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The book of. One of the twelve Minor Prophets in the OT. The prophet appears to have been active during the last quarter of the seventh century BCE. The book is closely connected in theme and context with the OT book of Nahum. For an alternate outline of its contents, see Nahum, The Book of.

Outline of Contents


I. Title (Hab 1:1)

II. Dialogue-lament (Hab 1:2-2:19)

A. Lament on the success of the wicked (Hab 1:2-4)

B. God’s response (Hab 1:5-11)

C. Lament on the success of Babylon (Hab 1:12-17)

D. God’s response (Hab 2:1-5)

E. Five woes against the wicked (Hab 2:6-19)

III. Hymn on God’s victory over his enemies (Hab 2:20-3:1)